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Why do I need manufacturing writing?


Manufacturing powers the world. From die casting to advanced automation, the economy would stop without our ability to produce. The challenge for manufacturers is that nobody outside your industry understands why your work is so important. You can help your cause by communicating without the clutter of jargon and acronyms. You’ll enjoy new customers and a greater reputation as a result.


Why Cosgrove Content?


We know industry. We know how to write. We translate your most challenging technical subjects into language a general business audience speaks and understands.


Which industries does Cosgrove Content serve?


Agriculture. Manufacturing. Management. Company culture. Advanced technology. Mining and extraction. Food processing. Materials. Innovation. Aerospace. Machining. Heavy equipment. Defense. Chemicals.


Which subjects does Cosgrove Content write about?


Supply chain. Industry 4.0. Blockchain. 3D printing. Bioengineering. Artificial intelligence. Industrial automation. Lean. Six Sigma and continuous improvement. Quality control. New plant construction. Capital investment. Government incentives for manufacturers. Product design. Workforce challenges.


Which products does Cosgrove Content offer?


White papers. Brochures. Ghostwriting. Product descriptions. Corporate messaging. Annual reports. Technical documents. Training manuals. Operational manuals. Blog Content. Editing. Position papers. Magazine articles. Social media posts.


We’re constantly adding new capabilities to meet the needs of Cosgrove Content’s growing roster of customers. Please EMAIL or call us at

(952) 232-9834 if you don’t see a product you need.


How quickly can Cosgrove Content turn around a project?


We get your products to you when you need them, whether it’s in one week or one night.


Who are Cosgrove Content’s writers and what are their qualifications?


Cosgrove Content’s team must meet exacting standards. They include a variety of work experience in industrial roles that require professional communications. They must also offer an extensive body of recent written work that demonstrates their ability to communicate to your business audience.


How much do I need to invest to get started?


Please contact us by EMAIL or by phone (952) 232-9834. We consider the complexity of your subject matter, the audience you need to reach and the intricacies of your products and services. They all factor into the length and type of writing necessary to give you the best pricing to hit your goals.


Why do I need technical copywriting?


You develop the curse of knowledge over time. You become so ingrained in speaking in your industry’s jargon and acronyms that the outside world no longer understands you. That’s a problem because consumers and decision-makers can’t buy from you if they don’t get what it is that you do. Millions of dollars can hang in the balance as a result of such uncertainty.


That’s where technical copywriting comes in. We translate the concepts you’re trying to convey into language a general business audience can grasp. Don’t miss out on any more opportunities. Give us a call today!

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